Who We Are?

Robotics Labs is a high tech initiative targeted towards the younger lot in Pakistan who wants to truly set themselves apart from the factory-type learning by building a passion for Science. Now the young guns will have the opportunity to learn cutting edge technologies in Robotics, 3D Modeling, 3D Simulation, Mind Math, Game Applications and many more through interesting workshops held throughout the year. The facility offers state of the art equipment, laptops, robotics kits and high-end software to enable kids to learn by doing...

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"" Bot Mania

Robot Construction, Programming & Showcase

"" Mini Bots

WeDo Robot Construction Programming & Showcase

"" Mind Math

by Aloha

"" iPad Game Development

iPad Game Development using Game Salad

"" Programming Adventures

Coding using Scratch programming languages & tools

"" 3D Addiction

3D Scanning, Modeling & Printing



who iconObjective

The basic objective of the institute is to generate a need for scientific education among Students and Schools in Pakistan and become a name synonymous with robotics education and related events in the country by creating an ambience of creativity and an approach towards seeking logical solutions to everyday problems.

mission iconMission

Our mission is to introduce students to leading edge skills right at the school level and thereby inspire them to greater achievements. We consider our labs as an ideal outlet for young creativity and an attraction towards scientific fascination. Our sole purpose is to integrate real world ideas with the latest in technology.

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Great learning experience

The hands on experience was great, but unfortunately for me I had not scheduled enough time to stay around long enough to realize the full potential of this session. My kids were so happy that they wanted me to check if the next session is going to take place soon. The folks from Robotics Labs ...

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