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3D: The future is printed

Imagine a world where you could print your own meals. Your own toothpaste. Coffee mug. Medicines. Your son yanks off the wheel of his toy car for a fourth time

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3D Printing In Architecture

3D printing is one of the most fascinating technological advancements of our time. It has everyone from artists to scientists giddy with the limitless possibilities

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Mind over math: Children learn to use ‘imaginary abacus’

Children lined the stage, making fists like they were ready for a fight. With goofy smiles on their faces, they looked on to their parents in the audience as the teacher read a series of numbers off a screen behind them.

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Robotics lab: A place where five-year olds develop games

After serving high-tech firms in Silicon Valley for 13 years, electrical engineers Afaque Ahmed and Yasin Altaf returned home to connect with their families

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